Hydrosol : Organic Frankincense

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Organic frankincense hydrosol is a beautiful distillation that can be used to prepare the mind for prayer, meditation, or yoga. This hydrosol has a fresh scent that is resinous and sweet with woody undertones, and its skin supportive qualities make it a favorite in skin care formulations. 

Frankincense is a powerful tree resin that has been used by humankind for nearly 5,000 years. This sacred substance was more precious than gold in ancient times.

This hydrosol is commonly used in skin care recipes, meditation, energy work, fragrance blends, and other aromatherapy preparations.

Organic frankincense hydrosol is great for use directly on the skin as a fragrant toner and supporter of skin health. The blending possibilities are also endless, as this hydrosol mixes well with many other hydrosols such as neroli and lavender.

2 ounce spray bottle

100% organic, natural and pure

Distilled at low temperature

Made in France